Over last several years ago, we have been facing a phenomenon of “ghosting”. Before the market got super hot – candidates would wait weeks or even months to get feedback after the interview. The employers did not give news until the position was filled. Today, in a growing and very competitive market, the phenomenon has shifted to the candidate’s side. But who would have believed it? Employers are now facing candidates with power. So today Kovasys IT Recruitment reveals 3 reasons for this:

1. IT profiles & the labour market

For several years, the advantage has belonged to job seekers, especially in the IT industry. We are facing a constantly growing talent shortage. On average in Toronto or Montreal, for 10 open IT positions, there are only 3 or 4 candidates available and can do the job. So, it’s the employer’s responsibility to stand out in order to attract candidates. You can stand out in many different ways such as great benefits, working environment, flex time, types of projects and growth possibilities offered.

2. How to attract in demand IT talent?

Employers need to understand that since we are in a “candidate – driven market”, they need to focus on attractiveness and retention. Employees want to feel special within the company. This needs to be done from the beginning of the recruitment process. With this you can avoid the phenomenon of the “ghosting candidate” who disappears in the middle of the recruitment process without giving any news. This phenomenon occurs mainly but not only when the candidate realizes that the potential employer is slow in the internal recruitment process. Indeed, it is illogical to invite a candidate for 5 interviews when a competitor is able to do only one interview and make a job offer. A candidate will always choose the company that appears to be the most efficient.

3. How the employer can make a difference?

The employer can make a difference by offering flexibility in scheduling, for example, employees appreciate being able to work from home on a regular basis, being able to adjust their schedules and also being able to have several weeks of vacation. He can also make a difference by providing an agile and stimulating work environment, by offering very competitive compensation with an annual bonus system, etc.

In conclusion, companies must give more value to their employees and accept that when the market changes, it must change with the market. It’s impossible to go against the tide, you have to move at the same pace. Being able to stand out, by developing an employer brand and an effective and sustainable recruitment strategy.

About the author, Elsa Tannous

Bilingual IT Recruitment & Team Manager

Experienced Information Technology Recruiter with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Technical Recruiting, Management, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Interviewing. Strong sales professional with training at a Rookie Retreat by Danny Cahill focused in Recruitment & Business Development from According to Danny.

With +6 years of experience in recruitment field, I am well connected exclusively to some of the best IT talents in the industry and the most desirable employers in Montreal & Toronto area.
Whether you’re an IT candidate looking for your next role, or an employer searching for talented Technology professionals, I’m here to help.