It may be fair to say that most people do not enjoy the interview process. For a job seeker, it means being put under a lot of pressure to compete and win against your peers. When competing against a pool of candidates with similar experiences, the best way to catch the hiring manager’s attention is to make your profile standout. Here, we will give you four easy tips to help you shine throughout your application and interview process.

Customize Your Resume

When preparing your resume, it is important to tailor your accomplishments to each role you apply for. Each job description uses a number of keywords to highlight the responsibilities associated with the role and the qualifications the hiring manager is looking for. Paying attention to the keywords used in the job description and implementing them into your resume could help you bypass pesky applicant tracking system (ATS) algorithms, and ensure that your resume is reviewed by a living, breathing human.


We have all heard the infamous phrase that “practice makes perfect.” Here, I challenge you to remember that there is no such thing as perfection. No matter how seasoned we are, we could always use a bit of practice especially when it comes to interviews. Be it over the phone or in person, practicing your responses and disposition for an interview can make the real thing much easier. Try looking up a few commonly asked questions for the role you are applying for, and have a friend or family member interview you so that you may practice your responses.

Connect With An Employee At the Organization

Having a contact at the organization you are applying to can play to your advantage. Make sure you have built a connection with your contact, either over coffee or a phone call. Once you have built your connection with your contact, reach out to them and let them know that you have applied for a job opportunity at their organization. If they are familiar with your expertise and work ethic, ask them if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to get a referral from them. This could help separate you from a pool of equally qualified candidates.

Connect With the Recruiter

Your recruiter can be your biggest advocate. By building rapport with the recruiter, you are also giving them the opportunity to witness your character and personality. This is a great way to convince your recruiter that you would be a great cultural add to the organization. So when, once again, you are shortlisted amongst other equally qualified candidates, your rapport with the recruiter could make you stand out. Plus, if you get the offer, you will already have a friend at the organization.