More and more employees are having to face the reality of working from home amid strong recommendations to practice social distancing. For some, it is easy to stay focused when working remotely. For others, staying productive from a distance is not so easy. Here are a few tips for those of you who need a little extra help.

Setting Realistic Daily Goals

Use a planner or a calendar (or whichever tool you prefer) to write out your target goals for each day of the week, but be realistic! This isn’t a marathon, so you don’t have to accomplish everything in a single day. Try limiting your daily targets to 3-4 a day. Don’t burn yourself out!

Create Your “Remote Routine”

It may not be 100% probable to pretend you’re at the office. You’re not likely to work intensively for 7 hours when you’re working from home. Cut those hours down a bit. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a whole new environment, and it’s full of distractions. Cut yourself some slack – you’re doing your best!

When and Where Are You Most Productive?

If you work best in the morning, make sure to plan the bulk of your work for earlier on in the day. If you have to work in the dining room to get away from distractions, then make this your spot – if you share a home with others, let them know not to disturb you during the morning hours unless it’s really, really important. Always tailor your designated working space to fit your needs, whether that’s having soft music playing in the background or opening a window.

Mental Health

We’re right back at the beginning with setting realistic goals for ourselves. Make time for real breaks. Socialize, complete a quick, fun puzzle, take a walk around the house, or step outside for a breath of fresh air. Be kind and patient with yourself, dear reader. Your health always comes first!