Employee retention is a key asset in corporate HR management. For a long time, this was considered a major asset in retaining employees. So today Kovasys reveals 3 things to know about it:

1- The new generation of employees and job satisfaction

Most young people are no longer staying with the same employer for more than 3-4 years because of the current market trend, and numerous growth opportunities. They are constantly looking for a better quality of life and a better work-life balance. Faced with many millennials entering job market, we recommend that you continually assess the level of satisfaction of your employees in order to quickly notice employee’s dissatisfaction at work and to be able to fix it to avoid waves of departure. We recommend doing a monthly follow ups and doing some surveys!

2- An employee wants and must feel valued

An employee not only needs to feel useful in his environment but also to stimulate in his tasks. It is clear that money is no longer the major asset and does not allow to keep a talent. Nowadays, we face an increasing individualism of the employees and when the growth is not there anymore and that the demotivation takes place, they will not hesitate to resign for new adventures! We recommend that you be there for your co-workers and give them a voice so that they feel important!!

3- Always cultivate employee commitment

If an employee feels committed and involved in a company and especially in a project, he will choose to stay and participate in the growth of the company. Employees must be encouraged to go above and beyond and give the best of them even on a daily basis. It is also important to imagine a workspace that allows employees to express themselves freely and give their opinion on various subjects. Allowing flexibility, working from home, career prospects are ways to cultivate commitment and guarantee a lasting relationship between you (employer) and the employee.

Finally, we recommend that you are aware of what your employees are looking for their jobs and work hand in hand to ensure their safety and satisfaction. Do not wait for them to give their resignation, instill a feeling of trust and team cooperation!