Dealing with a toxic coworker can be a challenging experience, but there are several strategies that can help you handle the situation effectively. Here are five ways to deal with a toxic coworker:

Set boundaries

Toxic coworkers often have a tendency to push others around, so it’s essential to establish firm boundaries. For example, if they try to take credit for your work or belittle you, calmly let them know that you don’t appreciate it and that it needs to stop. Be assertive but not aggressive, and don’t let them bully you.

Don’t engage in their negativity

Toxic coworkers can be incredibly negative and drain your energy. Avoid getting sucked into their negativity and gossip by refusing to engage in those types of conversations. Focus on your work and keep your interactions with them professional.

Keep a record

If the toxic coworker’s behavior becomes intolerable, keep a record of their actions, including dates, times, and details of what happened. This record can be useful if you need to escalate the situation to a manager or HR.

Seek support

Don’t suffer in silence. Talk to a trusted coworker or mentor about the situation, and seek their advice. You can also consider seeking support from a therapist or coach if the situation is affecting your mental health.

Escalate the situation

If the toxic coworker’s behavior continues, and it’s affecting your work and wellbeing, you may need to escalate the situation to your manager or HR. Provide them with a detailed record of the toxic coworker’s behavior and ask for their support in resolving the situation.