On this page we focus only on a group of Canadians, computer professionals, who want to work in US. This includes:

    * programmers
    * systems analysts
    * MIS specialists
    * computer contracting organizations
    * managers

This information allows hiring managers to use Canadians to help meet the tremendous demand for these jobs. It allows job-seekers to present interviewers with specific options.

TN-Computer Systems Analysts
This permit is the quickest and easiest of the options discussed here.

Note that only Canadian Citizens (not Canadian Landed Immigrants) can get the TN. Acquired at the border, the TN requires:

    * a bachelor’s level degree in computer science, or
    * a 2-year post-secondary diploma/certificate and three years work experience.

      University degrees for this category accepted in previous cases:

    * Bachelor’s in Information Science.
    * Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems.
    * Bachelor’s in Computer Information Science.
    * Bachelor’s in Mathematics with a strong courseload in computer classes.
    * Bachelor’s in Engineering with a strong courseload in computer classes.
    * Bachelor’s degree in the Sciences (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Physics) with a strong courseload in computer classes.
    * Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

      Alternative job titles associated with this category are:

      Systems Analyst, Programmer Analyst, Computer Systems Consultant, Business Systems Analyst, Systems Engineer, Computer Specialist, Computer Systems Analyst, Data Processing Systems Analyst, Information Technology Consultant (IT Consultant), Information Technology Specialist

TN-Scientific Electronics or Computer Technicians/Technologists
The immigration service does not require a degree, diploma or any license or certification for this category.

For this permit you must:

    * work in direct support of an engineer, and
    * possess theoretical knowledge of discipline, and
    * be able to solve practical problems in discipline, or apply principles of the discipline to basic or applied research.

      Alternative job titles associated with this category are:

      Software Engineer, Software Developer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Publishing Systems Analyst, Application Developer, Averaged HEND (High-Energy Neutron Data), Data Product Lead (AHD Product Lead), Customer Information Control System Programmer (CICS Programmer), Program Analyst, Systems Programmer, Application Integration Engineer, Computer Consultant, Software Architect, Software Development Engineer, Business Systems Analyst, Programmer, Software Analyst

TN-Management Consultants
You can get this permit without a bachelor’s degree.


    * baccalaureate degree, or
    * five years’ experience in consulting, or
    * five years’ experience in a field relating to your U.S. job

For this permit, focus on the overall management impact of the services you will provide in the U.S. For example, rather than « writing code for a communications program » you could emphasize « the effect of the U.S. services as they impact on corporate communication required by employer’s new management structure ».

This category is one of the trickiest on this page. This is because the INS feels there has been abuse by applicants who use the permit just because « they don’t fit anywhere else. » You need to provide extensive documentation proving your eligibility.

Even if you are already a TN Management Consultant, review your case again. Renewals are not automatic. Computer specialists often report that they were turned away at the border when trying to renew their permits.