When it comes to having the perfect interview, it’s not always just about your comprehensive list of professional experience, punctuality, or that lucky suit that never fails. Making a lasting impression that separates you from a pool of equally qualified candidates extends beyond the interview room. Studies have shown that a thoughtfully crafted Thank-You note is valued by over 80% of employers!

Most job-seekers are open to putting in the effort to get an offer, but writing a Thank-You note can feel a lot like the daunting task of trying to draft a Cover Letter. Remember those? You ask all the same questions – What do I say? How do I say it? How long should the letter be? Don’t worry. Writing a Thank-You note doesn’t have to be complicated!

When it comes to writing the perfect Thank-You note, we suggest keeping a few things in mind:

Give Thanks

Say “Thank you.” Thank the interviewer(s) for their time and consideration. Don’t forget to address all who were present at the interview by name. Forgot someone? Check the company directory or LinkedIn page! Also – and this is important – check your spelling. Check it again. Check it one more time for good measure.

Key Points & Keywords

Make sure to highlight any qualifications that relate to the job. Focus on what your potential employer is looking for and use keywords that came up during the interview. This lets them know that you’re qualified and attentive. Don’t forget to let them know how enthusiastic you are to be a part of their team!

Clarifications & Need-to-Knows

Did you think of the perfect answer to an interview question after the fact? Did you misinterpret a question or statement? Here’s your chance to set the record straight! By the time your interviewer(s) has finished reading your Thank-You note, there shouldn’t be any more misunderstandings and they should know all about that awesome achievement you forgot to tell them about in-person.


Herein lies the key to how effective your Thank-You note will be. Send your letter via E-mail to your interviewer(s) within 24 hours. Don’t let them forget who you are! Try to work on your letter as soon as you can and send it off promptly. Timing is another great way to show enthusiasm and dedication!