We are currently hiring a Devops for our office in Montreal.


– Terraform
– Docker
– Git
– Bash or Python
– NodeJS

Some of the high-level jobs we want to accomplish:

– Terraform VPC buildout, triggered by our CI server. This includes DNS records, Security Groups, account credentials, S3 buckets, Bastion host, databases, etc.
– Review backups, complete AWS-internal monitoring, alerting with CloudWatch
– Standardize our application Dockerfiles, extract hardcoded values into env vars
– Write integration tests between multiple containers using HTTP or AMQP
– General improvements to AWS infrastructure, cost-reduction
– Testing and cost-benefit analysis for self-hosted vs. managed ElasticSearch.
– Testing/migration to Docker Swarm
– Vault & Consul cluster setup
– Other infrastructure-as-code projects and tools, local


– Auto-scaling GitLab runners to build containers
– Migrating NGINX reverse-proxy to Amazon ELBs

To apply for this job email your details to elsat@kovasys.com