Django Engineer

You solve problems by building things. You think in specifications and APIs, see concepts in chaos, and understand how disparate components combine to form simple solutions. You convert big ideas into practical designs. You don’t just know the latest technology, you understand how to use it and why it exists.

Who are we?

We believe meaningful conversation can change the world. We believe the tools we use can define that conversation. And we believe we can build better tools. We’re audacious and just getting started. That’s why we need you.

As a Django Engineer, your responsibilities will include the creation and implementation of significant portions of the company architecture. You will leverage your considerable experience and knowledge of best practices across the full software development lifecycle to create beautiful solutions using different languages and programming paradigms. You will craft beautiful and well- documented code, follow best practices, hit deadlines, exercise professionalism (in what you do and how you do it), and maintain an active interest in the overall success of what we’re building as a company, beyond just the scope of your projects.

To qualify you must:

  • Have 5 or more years of professional software engineering experience
  • Demonstrate expert-level Python skills (or related mastery in equivalent programming languages)
  • Have hands-on experience with Django, MySQL, uWSGI
  • Be comfortable with tools deploying software to AWS
  • Have a BS in Computer Science or related discipline
  • Above all, have an insatiable desire and ability to learn

To be successful you must:

  • Design, implement, and maintain significant portions of the company architecture
  • Demonstrate personal, professional, and technical growth
  • Maintain a track record of good rapport and relationship with your team (us)
  • Become a cornerstone of our company


  • Offer competitive salary and benefits
  • Allow for a flexible daily work schedule (including working remotely part-time)

And we…

  • Are located in Bellevue just off I-90, by the park and ride
  • Have a casual and fun work environment
  • Value a healthy work/life balance and encourage each other to keep this a priority

To apply for this job please visit