Job Description:

    • We are looking for a software engineer with strong programming skills who is interested in working in a research environment, where you will apply cutting-edge techniques from computational linguistics to real-world problems. As a Software Engineer in Decision Management Systems, you will work in a small team of scientists and software developers to translate research solutions into robust software implementations. You will have broad autonomy over software design and development, and we seek someone with the skills and confidence to play a major role on a software project. You will have ample opportunities to learn and make use of new programming languages and software development practices.

      The Company is an applied research and development (R&D) small business that thrives on developing new ideas to solve real operational problems and advance the state of the art of software support for the US Government (primarily Department of Defense). The ideal candidate for this position has a voracious appetite for understanding new problems and quickly developing solutions. Since the majority of work we do is novel, you should thrive at delivering software in the face of changing or loosely-defined requirements.

      You will be working on projects using innovative natural-language processing algorithms to extract meaning, intent, and sentiment from text or to generate language that is appropriate to specific social contexts. These projects may also involve a wide range of technologies, from probabilistic reasoning to virtual character dialog.


      • Proven proficiency in software engineering including a solid background in designing, programming, and documenting complex software systems
      • Demonstrated ability to rapidly learn new programming languages and paradigms
      • Experience developing natural-language processing systems or algorithms
      • Ability to work on multiple projects, switching easily from task to task
      • Strong communication skills
      • U.S. citizenship
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    • Master’s degree in computer science, engineering, or related field

Other desirable skills and experience:

        • Knowledge of linguistic theory
        • Familiarity with semantic technologies (RDF, OWL, FrameNet, WordNet)
        • Familiarity with languages other than English
        • Experience developing heuristic search algorithms
        • Experience developing or implementing machine learning algorithms

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