Going are the times when candidates had to compromise on salaries and benefits for a job. The trends are changing, especially in the Canadian market for tech and IT technology labour. The leveraging and negotiation power is in the hands of the candidates now, who are getting job offers from other companies. So what can you do to make sure that your company gets the cream of the bunch? 

1. Reel them in with numbers to stand out amongst other job offers

Put yourself in the shoes of the candidate you are interviewing; what do you value the most? What’s the first question that comes to mind? Naturally, a candidate would lean towards a company that’s giving them a better starting salary. Negotiations are their own ballgame, but first, you have to make sure that your benchmark salary is up to par with your competitors. 

2. Brand your work environment

As a big fan of shows like The Office and Brooklyn 99, I would love to be in such a fun and active workplace. Show your candidate a collaborative and friendly work environment and market things like company retreats. This will make them believe that they are joining a family -and that’s the edge money can’t buy!

3. Dazzle the offer with non-monetary benefits 

The perception of a good job has grown from the base salary. Now people are also interested in knowing about the company benefits that they will get. These include things like the basics, i.e., health and dental coverage, and also other perks like paid leaves, vacation times, and retirement savings packages.  

4. Get a Recruiter! 

Reaching out to an applicant is the best way of making them feel valued for their craft. Simply putting out an ad and waiting for candidates to drop by no longer cuts it. Recruiters specialize in the craft of getting candidates by closely following the market trends and communicating with potential applicants.

5. Break the news fast 

Uncertainty is the one thing all applicants hate. From the moment they get done with their interview, applicants become impatient for a response. If you give an applicant the good news as soon as possible, you are more likely to attract them. 

With that said, Happy talent hunting!