Every company sets out a distinct set of requirements when posting a job vacancy. However, tech companies are becoming notorious for asking unusual, occasionally surprising questions during an interview. 

One of the most critical questions a recruiter may ask is why you plan to leave your current job. Of course, a stellar resume may set you apart from other applicants; however, your answer to this question could help you secure the job. 

An employer may ask this for several reasons, including understanding your career objectives and gaining insight into previous performance. In addition, it helps evaluate if you are a fit for their requirements. 

Recruiters recommend being prepared to explain your choices. Here are a few sample answers to consider:

  1. Desire to develop your professional skills.

Career growth and the will to take on more responsibility reflect positively in any scenario. Explaining what these skills are, how you plan on building upon them, and highlighting the lack of opportunity in your current job are a great way to prove your value. 

  1. Relocating to another city or remote work. 

Sometimes, it can be as simple as wanting to change your setting and relocate. However, wanting to explore remote work is also common. Think of reasons to explain why you are making this change and how a new job location could benefit you.  

  1. Explore or change your career path.  

There are multiple reasons why some people decide to change their career entirely, primarily dependent on personal choice. But, the desire to make such a drastic change shows a healthy appetite to find work that is both interesting and purposeful to your goals. 

  1. Seeking more work-life balance.

Due to the pandemic, businesses are facing the problem of a lack of schedules. As a result, professionals find themselves working around the clock and during personal time, impacting productivity and job satisfaction. Think of long-term goals that can be met by prioritizing work-life balance.

  1. Your current job has reorganized their company structure, leading to changes that impact your work.

This includes cutbacks and a new hierarchy that leads to job dissatisfaction. Be sure to explain how you tried to improve things and help the situation, portraying your willingness to work in a team and dedication to work.