References Tips



1. Prepare Your References Beforehand
Before you apply to your next job, you should have your references ready to submit when the hiring manager reaches out to you. Delaying this could delay the hiring process.

2. Have At Least 2 References
Feel free to have more than 2 references. At least one of your references should be someone at your most recent job.

3. Choose Your References Wisely
Make sure the people you choose as your references are familiar with your character and accomplishments. You should feel confident that your references will represent you accurately.

4. “References Available Upon Request”
Include this statement at the end of your resume. When the recruiter is ready to contact your references, you will be asked to provide them. There’s no need to provide this information too early.

5. Don’t Lose Contact With Your References
It’s always wise to stay in touch with your references. People are less likely to give authentic glowing  recommendations for employees they don’t remember. Keep them updated on who may be contacting them and which of your skills they need to highlight when they are contacted.