Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

1. Keep Track of The Companies You’ve Applied To
If you get a sudden phone call from one of the companies you have applied to, make sure you recognize it right away.  Remember which role you applied for and which skills they were looking for.

2. Know Who You Will Be Speaking To
Do your research on the company as soon as you apply – you never know when you will be getting that coveted interview call. Know who is likely to call you for your first interview, and be prepared to ask questions and discuss similar interests.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice
We can’t see into the future, so it’s OK if you don’t know exactly which questions you will be asked during a phone interview. However, it never hurts to prepare for your interview by practicing your answer to some commonly asked questions beforehand.

4. Be Professional
Don’t get too comfortable during your phone interview. Make sure you are not eating or drinking while on the call. Find a quiet and private space to complete the interview, and avoid speaking to anybody who may pass by.

5. Use the STAR Method
When answering questions, whether in person or over the phone, practice using the STAR method to demonstrate how you handled a problem that came up in the workplace.

S – briefly explain the situation. T – explain the task and your responsibilities. A – give a
quick overview of the actions you took to solve the problem. R – summarize the results of your efforts and quantify where possible (i.e. generating a $250,000 profit for the company).

6. Take Notes
Just as you would if you were having a face-to-face interview, take notes. Never forget to take notes! Human memory isn’t foolproof, and we are more likely to forget than we think we are. This will come in handy. Trust me!

7. Thank You Notes
If you’re familiar with the Kovasys blog, then you may have already come across the mention of how important Thank-You notes are once or twice. Here it is again, because it really, really matters! Please, send it within 24 hours. Address all who were present by name, and spell their names correctly! Send it via e-mail so it’s quick and easy. For more information, make sure you check out our article on how to craft the perfect Thank-You note!