Stay Away From Counteroffers

Say No To Counteroffers


A counteroffer is an offer that is made by one’s current employer only to counteract an initial offer made by a potential employer. In many cases, receiving a counteroffer from a current employer may prompt employees to remain at a company despite having plenty of reasons to leave. Job seekers are persuaded with guarantees of higher salaries, flexible time, remote options, improved benefits, and underlying promises to be acknowledged and appreciated.

However, the statistics tell a different story – over half of employees who accept counteroffers do not stay longer than a year with their current employers. This is as a result of employers not upholding the conditions of a counteroffer, and terminating an employee’s contract anyway. If numbers aren’t enough to convince you, keep reading for more reasons why job seekers should not accept counteroffers from their current employers.


5 Reasons You Should Not Accept a Counter-Offer 

1. Counteroffers are typically a ploy to regulate turn-over rates and conveniently delay the staffing needs that result from unexpected vacancies.

 2. Your current employer knows that a higher salary will only keep you around for so long. So, rest assured that the search for a cheaper candidate to replace you has already begun and chances are that you won’t see it coming.

 3. There will be a dramatic shift in your relationship with your employer. They won’t forget that you tried to leave the company, and the only reason you stayed was because of a higher salary or whichever perks were negotiated in the counteroffer.

 4. By accepting a counteroffer, you are inadvertently putting yourself in the way to re-experience all the factors that influenced your decision to leave in the first place. It is suggesting that you are willing to endure those hardships as long as you receive improved benefits.

 5. It is important to know the value you bring to an organization, and it is your employer’s responsibility to recognize your value as well. If your employer has failed to acknowledge your worth until you decide to seek your next opportunity, chances are you may have been exploited as an employee. Accepting a counteroffer may not actually influence your employer to treat you any better, and in most cases – it doesn’t.