We’re already in the New Year and everyone with a skillset and experience is looking for a new job or a promotion. Mind you! That alone can be a challenging job to pull off. Unfortunately, most deserving candidates are left behind because of poor self-marketing strategies. To improve that, career strategists advise upgrading LinkedIn.

A few simple changes to one’s profile can increase the chances of getting the promotion you had been working on for the whole year. 

But how? let’s explore together! 

Linkedin has been the most utilized platform in the world of recruitment over the last year. This is mainly because it allows people to showcase themselves globally without any restrictions. 

Revamping resumes and following these four guidelines mentioned below can help connect with like-minded professionals. 

1. Updating Profile Picture

We love to keep our appearance updated in real life- why not do the same in the virtual world as well! If your profile picture is the one you uploaded when you first made the account. It’s high time you change it to something that makes you look more professional.

Now, wait! We are not asking you to hire a photographer, you can DIY! A professional photo showcases you from the shoulders up. It must have a neutral background, and yes, this is not Instagram, so no, selfies are not doable.

2. Focus On The Target 

Showing the recruiters how you look- check! 

But what’s the point when there is no focus. This second tip will eventually help you out with the rest of the LinkedIn update tips. To hit the bullseye in the market, your focus should be all about;

  • Relevant industry
  • Employer 
  • And the job role 

Keeping your focus on the target will help you optimize your profile, eventually leading you to a specific audience. 

3. Optimizing Profile

Getting the best opportunity out of the pool means appearing on top in the searches. Linkedin is just like a search engine for recruiters and employers. If you don’t appear in the searches, you dont exist. 

But how to get there? Interesting question! 

You need to look for keywords that suit your job title and the industry, then add them to your profile. Keywords can be found in relevant job postings, or else you can look in some of the professional profiles already there aka competitive analysis

4. Updated Headline

Your headline, which is the description right under the name, should be updated at all times. These should be a maximum of 240 intriguing characters as that’s the first thing any recruiter notices. 

Final Word

Once you update your profile by following these simple tips, potential opportunities will surely reach you out. If you follow the tips above, get ready to be approached by the right kind of employers this year. 
Until then – Good Luck Searching